Watch.. a new video of heavy traffic and a quarrel with a security guard in front of the entrance to Small Cappuccino Cafe in Riyadh

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a new video clip documenting an aspect of the severe crowding during the opening of the famous Snapchat cafe Saad Al-Enezi “Small Cappuccino” in Riyadh.

The videos showed a stampede among the customers who attended the opening, as well as verbal altercations between one of the employees and customers.

Earlier, a video clip was circulated that showed one of the employees getting angry at the customers in front of the store and threatening them with beatings because of the chaos.

The video recorded a quarrel between an employee of a famous cafe, “Small Cappuccino”, and a person due to the severe crowding in front of the shop.

Small Cappuccino revealed that the police arrested two or three cafe-goers for shouting and causing chaos.

He continued, “We had to enter the police in order to organize the customers.”

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