Important steps before downloading iOS 17 on iPhone.. Get to know them

2023-06-11 01:52:30

The best way to do this is to back up your iPhone while it’s still running iOS 16. The reason is that if you updated to iOS 17 but decided to go back to iOS 16, you have an updated backup to go back to, keeping your latest photos, text messages, app data, and more. .
There are two ways to back up your iPhone: via iCloud and your computer.

Back up your iPhone using iCloud
By default, your iPhone should automatically back up once a day, as long as your device is connected to a power source, Wi-Fi, and turned off. To check if this feature is enabled, go to Settings> [اسمك]> Backup to iCloud and make sure backup is enabled.

You can also manually back up your iPhone using iCloud. On the same iCloud Backup page. Simply click Back Up Now. Below that, you’ll see the last time a successful backup was created. Under All device backups, you can check more information about your backups, including backup size, and customize what’s backed up.

Back up your iPhone with Mac or Windows
If you don’t have iPhone or iCloud storage, you always have the option to back up your device via your computer. On a Mac, connect your iPhone to your computer via a lightning cable, open Finder and select your iPhone. Next, select the circle next to Back up all the data on your iPhone to your Mac, then tap Back Up Now.

For operation with Windows is largely similar. Again, connect your iPhone to your computer via the cable, but this time open the iTunes app and click the iPhone button in the top left of the window. On the Summary page, tap Back Up Now to back up your iPhone to your Windows PC.

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