Watch.. A “specialist” reveals the name of a substance found in cosmetics and perfumes that causes breast cancer

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Associate Professor of Molecular Medical Biology at Jazan University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Farsani, revealed that studies have shown that the substance “Lelyal” found in cosmetics, perfumes, and cleaning materials is a substance with “high toxicity.”

And he added, during an interview with the “Yahla” program: “We have research that reveals that the substance “Lilial” may cause breast cancer.

He pointed out that the use of this substance was banned in the European Union 6 months ago, and this product was withdrawn from the market in some Gulf countries.

He pointed out that the research was published in 2015, and we found that there was a problem with the cells after exposure to this substance.

He added: “My advice is not to use any product that contains the substance” Lilyal “.

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