Watch.. Mona Farouk’s bleeding worries her fans about her.. Pray for her, may God heal her

A state of great anxiety spread among a large number of the artist’s audience, Mona Farouk, after she posted a picture on her personal page on the social networking site for publishing the famous photos and videos “Instagram”.

A picture of Mona Farouk’s bleeding worries her fans

The picture you posted appeared Mona Farouk On Instagram, with her blood everywhere, she commented, “Praise be to God, pray for me, which made many pray for her in their comments, wishing her a speedy recovery.”

Mona did not announce the reason behind this blood that spread in a large amount in the picture, and she only commented, and this resulted in a state of anxiety from all her followers via Instagram, in which she revealed that she was seriously ill, and wrote on the feature of short stories thanks to everyone who asked about her in Her recent illness, which she recently revealed.

Mona Farouk's bleeding
Mona Farouk’s bleeding

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