Watch .. The first comment by “Yacoub Bushehri” after the issuance of prison sentences in the case of “liquor yacht” in Kuwait

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Criminal Court in the State of Kuwait issued its verdicts on the defendants in the case of the “liquor yacht” belonging to the famous Yaqoub Boushahri, according to “Al-Rai” newspaper.

The Filipino accused, the captain of the yacht, was sentenced to 5 years in prison with hard labor, while the second defendant, a Kuwaiti, was sentenced to one year in prison.

While a ruling was issued acquitting Yaqoub Boushahri in the case.

In turn, the famous Yaqoub Boushahri explained that the reason for imprisoning the Kuwaiti for one year only, and the Filipino for five years, is due to the difference in their statements in the investigations.

And he said in a video clip broadcast on his account on “Snapchat” that the Kuwaiti accused confirmed in the investigations that the liquor that was on board the yacht, was brought for personal use, while the Filipino accused said that the liquor on the yacht was for the purpose of trade.

He stressed that “he has nothing to do with the case, as evidenced by a verdict of his innocence,” pointing out that “the Kuwaiti accused obtained a power of attorney from him, authorizing him to dispose of the yacht.”

Bushehri denied what was rumored that the liquor that was on board the yacht was making great profits, as he stressed that all the seized quantity is not worth its price, and its price does not reach 4 thousand Kuwaiti dinars.

He explained that the Filipino, “is not just a worker with a simple salary as it was circulated, and that his salary is up to 650 dinars and he has a car,” noting that “the accused, the Filipino Kuwaiti father, and he and his brothers hold Kuwaiti citizenship.”

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