Watch .. This girl has grown up and is now one of the most famous stars of the Arab world and the first competition for Nancy Ajram .. You will not imagine who she is? (picture)

You are now following the news of this little girl who has grown up and has now become one of the most famous stars of the Arab world and the first competition for Nancy Ajram.. You will not imagine who she is? (Picture) and now with the details

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An artistic page on the social networking site, “Instagram”, published a picture of a very famous artist, who is a child of about a year, and said that she is a well-known singer and one of the most famous stars of the Arab world.

It is the Lebanese star “Elissa”, whose rare photo was published on the social media pages when she was in her early childhood.

The photo received a large number of comments, and the interaction of followers and pioneers of social networking sites, who praised the beauty of the artist’s features paper since her childhood until now, and one of them commented: “Beautiful, God willing, what I expected to be.”

Elissa was born on October 27, 1972 in Deir al-Ahmar in the Lebanese district of Baalbek. Her real name is Elissar Zakaria Khoury. Elissa grew up in a middle-class Christian Arab family, to a Lebanese father (Zakaria Khoury – deceased 2004), a poet and writer working in the profession of teaching Arabic, and a Syrian mother (Yomna Saud), and she has five siblings.

She was called the Queen of Sensation and presented many beautiful songs that were characterized by feelings and romance. She was also distinguished by her warm voice, which made her the most famous among her generation. Among the most famous songs of Elisa are “The Happiest One”, “Aa Bali Habibi”, “My Mirror” and other wonderful songs She has received many awards and honors during her career.

The artistic beginning of Elissa Elissa began her artistic career when she was a young child, where she sang at parties and social events, and when she was 16 years old in 1989, she participated in acting and singing in some satirical plays of the late Wassim Tabbara, and in 1991 she played a role on the stage where she acted and sang, and in In 1992, she participated in the Studio El Fan competition and won the silver medal. She continued to sing until the end of the nineties, when she appeared to her audience with her first album in 1998, entitled “I Want to Doub”, which included a variety of songs.

Elissa’s albums rolled, the most prominent of which was the album “Aishalek”, in June 2002, and the song “Aishalek” achieved great success, especially after she filmed a video clip and filmed in Paris. The album also achieved record numbers in the percentage of sales. She presented many beautiful songs Which was well received by everyone and still presents the most amazing songs and lyrics.

Elissa’s personal life It is known to Elissa’s fans that she does not like to disclose her personal life to the media, but she stated in one of the interviews that she lives in a state of love and denied the rumors that she does not approach men and that she does not need to say that because of course she is a woman and needs love and a life partner.

In less than a month.. Elissa celebrates the passing of her song of 80 million views. On the other hand, the Lebanese singer Elissa celebrated the arrival of her new song entitled “From the First Minute” that she recently released in partnership with Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred to 80 million views.

Where she published a picture collected by the artist Saad Lamjarred, on her official page on the social networking site, and commented, “80 million, we did it, I am proud of us.”

It is worth noting that the duet “From the First Minute” is written by Amir Taima, composed by Ramy Gamal, and arranged by Ahmed Ibrahim.

The song bears the meanings of the rivalry in the romance between two lovers, each trying to prove to the other that he loves him more.

The song “From the First Minute” tops the first place of the popular content on YouTube without competition for 23 days, achieving more than 84 million views since its launch on May 5.

The star Elissa also celebrated the arrival of the number of her followers on her account on “Instagram” to 18 million followers, and many of her fans congratulated her on her Twitter account for reaching this number, wishing her more success and progress.

It is reported that Elissa recently held a party in Egypt for a charitable organization in the Fifth Settlement to support breast tumor patients.

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