Weather cocktail, high winds and thermal shock: major storm on the horizon

Strong winds ahead

Thermal shock caused by a sudden dive of almost 10 degrees during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Precipitation which could take the form of snow and rain. Gusts that could reach more than 80 to 90 km / h. The beginning of December promises to be breathtaking to say the least!

A threat from the USA

A strong mass of cold air coming from the Arctic and progressing towards the South, is involved in this important disturbance. In addition, a system of warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and moving north joins the game, resulting in the creation and intensification of a depression in Colorado.


The impact on us

From the southwest to the northeast of Quebec, the winds will be violent. And all of this will not be without evoking the day of December 11, 2021, when 400,000 homes were without electricity at the height of the storm. As a precaution: it is recommended to solidify the car shelters and to prevent the flight of material objects left outside, which could be the targets of gusts and likely to cause injuries.


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