Finding Serenity: Understanding and Overcoming Seasonal Depression

2023-10-24 07:00:00 Are you feeling low? You may be suffering from seasonal depression! Marc Hay 24/10/2023 09:00 5 min No more doubt, autumn has undoubtedly set in with its parade of disturbances, the days become shorter and the sky darkens, bringing with it gloomy and capricious weather. The weather forecast announces a parade of disruptions … Read more

Residents of 37 rue de la Liberté in Quaregnon: Rats, Broken Windows, and Humidity – Their Struggle for Better Living Conditions

2023-10-09 17:58:18 Thirty-one points. The list of complaints drawn up by the residents of 37 rue de la Liberté in Quaregnon stretches over 31 points. From the rats which come to die in the cellars after having passed through the broken windows, to the “shower” which falls on their heads, in the event of rain, … Read more

“Update on Eugène Cornez’s House in Pâturages: Municipal Action and Humidity Issues”

2023-05-17 16:42:00 Eugène Cornez, 85, is from Pâturages and has always lived there. He lives at 28, rue des Frères Defuisseaux in Pâturages, at the intersection with rue Issue. Its exterior wall directly overlooks this crossroads, but that has not always been the case: there was an adjoining building, but it burned down about twenty … Read more

“Help Needed: Carine and Brigitte’s Battle with 93% Humidity in Their New Home at Bois de Roly Residential Park”

2023-05-08 15:00:00 In 2017, Brigitte and Carine bought a house in the Bois de Roly residential park (Philippeville). Very quickly, the couple realized their mistake. The humidity in the house quickly rose to 93%. of videos Six months ago, we reported to you in our pages that the two women had paid €165,000 for this … Read more

[리뷰] Dear Buds SE: A device that makes my ears soft – Cnet Korea

(Cnet Korea = Reporter Hong Sang-hyeon) As the times change, it has become an era where earphones are naturally worn in the ears like ‘AirPods’ and ‘Galaxy Buzz’. Now, not only when listening to music, but also when making calls, using voice assistants, playing games, or enjoying media content, earphones are continuously used for a … Read more

Big things in the works for 2023

A great year According to the big boss of NASA, 2022 marks the history of the American space agency. The program for the next year also promises to be loaded. NASA will continue its quest to explore the universe with ever greater ambition. Of course, the Artemis mission commands attention, as do several major unveilings … Read more