What you do not know about the harm of indomie on health .. Beware of eating it

Follow-up – Suzanne Hassan

Indomie is one of the foods that many young people and children prefer, and it does not contain any nutrients and causes many diseases. What you don’t know about the side effects.

Indomie is rich in Chinese salt, which leads to damage to brain cells and helps to weaken, injure and eliminate them.

Endometriosis becomes a cause of many cancerous diseases such as brain and lung cancer, and it has a significant impact on cognition and concentration and leads to a lack of memory when eating it.

It leads to weight gain because it contains a lot of fat, and indomie is considered a deadly poison in homes at the present time.

It leads to agitation and tension, and a main reason for not controlling the nerves when angry.

Causes pressure and muscle spasms, especially when agitated, leads to tremors
Those who take it suffer from chronic headaches and always feel pain

It helps to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood and negatively affects the kidneys, damaging them and eliminating them, causing the feeling of vomiting.

Many current studies have proven that indomie is made from dead animals, which is one of the most dangerous damages to the health of those who eat it.

Finally, we hope that we have provided you with everything that interests you about our topic.

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