when Michael Jackson disrespected him

A feat could have taken place if the King of Pop had moved…

Some time ago, we learned that Michael Jackson had refused a feat with Tupac out of loyalty to Notorious Big. The King of pop had just recorded the song “This Time Around” with Biggie and as he had liked the character and that the East Coast/West Coast war was raging, he had refused to work with Pac on the title “Thug Nature” which was to appear on the album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Days Theory”. And yet, if we are to believe Napoleon’s revelations of the Outlawz for Cam Capone Newsthere would have been another opportunity…

“‘Pac explained that he had been called to go to the studio and do a song with Michael Jackson. He had to go there to lay a verse. He was so happy that he told his mother and all his family. He went to the studio and he said, ‘Where’s Michael Jackson?’ His team said he wasn’t coming. They wanted him to put his verse anyway. Pac got up and left saying, ‘He may be Michael Jackson, he doesn’t have enough respect. to come say hello and talk to me? I wouldn’t do this song…”

For Napoleon, it is not at all a question of money but of respect and humanity. Later in the interview, he gives his opinion.

“He dropped out because morals and ethics are two important things to him: ‘If you want me to work with you, at least say hello to me…’ I don’t think Pac was just doing stuff for money.”

Too bad, we still missed out on a piece of music history.

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