When will the latest Apple iPhone 14 release 2022

When will the iPhone 14 come out, which is the latest iPhone release in the world and is manufactured by the global company Apple, which used to provide the iPhone series with wonderful and unprecedented specifications, so users want to know what is iPhone 14 price and specifications As well as when the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be released in the entire Arab world and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, and can it be purchased through the installment system at specialized sales places or not and when iPhone 14 ad also.

When will the iPhone 14 come out?

There has been a lot of news about the price and specifications of the iPhone 14, but there is no confirmed news so far, and users have asked when the iPhone 14 will be released in Saudi Arabia, and it is expected that the date of its release will be during the month of next September, especially since the company is on the verge of completing the manufacture of the device with its specifications standard.

The company has tried to correct many of the flaws that bothered users in previous versions, especially their need for a high-resolution camera, and for this we find that the new iPhone 14 Pro Max specifications are standard and compete with many other companies.

iPhone 14 mobile specifications

The iPhone device includes a number of distinct specifications, whether its internal or external specifications, which lie in the wonderful aesthetic shape and distinctive and modern colors that suit the tastes and final design also for the mobile. We find that iPhone 14 It is characterized by its light weight and brilliant colors, while the internal specifications of the mobile are expected to be as follows:

  • There are a lot of sources that confirm that the new iPhone 14 Pro Max version will have a 48-megapixel camera, which is the main camera for this version, which allows taking great pictures, and the version contains three lenses.
  • A battery that supports fast charging and lasts for a long time, and it can be charged in a few minutes as the power of the charger is up to 20W.

The random memory is expected to be 12 GB, which is suitable for the size of the internal memory of the device, which reaches 1 terabyte, but the lower versions are expected to allocate a random memory size of 6 GB only, and the screen size for all versions will be 6.7 inches, according to the expectation.

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