who to choose in round 29?

2023-10-25 12:48:34

Speak, Cartoleiro! “Let’s Go” to round #29 from Cartola FC. In the last round, our team did very well, recording 70.83 points. It wasn’t the myth, but it was different from previous rounds, where we were around 40 points. For this round, we will try to bet on logic, as the Fluminense, Red Bull Bragantino e Santos.

How does valuation work in the 29th round?

Since the 4th round, the player valuation system works according to their performance in the previous round. The logic is that the worse a player performed in the previous round, the greater his chances of gaining value in the next round. This means that choosing players who are in the red can be a successful strategy for those who want to increase their assets.

???? The market for round #29 closes on Wednesday (10/25) at 6:59 pm (Brasília time) ????

Team to play in the 29th round

These are the bets Net Office to the 29th round of Cartola FC:

GOL: Bento (Athletico-PR) C$9.56
LAT: Marcelo (Fluminense) C$13.06
LAT: Juninho Capixaba (Bahia) C$12.58
ZAG: Joaquim (Santos) C$8.82
ZAG: Marlon (Fluminense) C$4.78
MEI: Arrascaeta (Flamengo) C$13.63
MEI: Raphael Veiga (Palmeiras) C$18.01
MEI: Lucas Evangelista (RB Bragantino) C$8.55
ATA: Cano (Fluminense) (C) C$13.61
ATA: Vegetti (Vasco) C$14.57
ATA: Marcos Leonardo (Santos) C$12.85
TECH: Marcelo Fernandes (Santos) C$8.80

Reserve Bank

GOL: Rossi (Flamengo) C$8.28
LAT: Mayke (Palmeiras) C$8.98
ZAG: Pablo (Flamengo) C$4.50
MEI: Jean Lucas (Santos) C$7.48
ATA: Soteldo (Santos) C$7.92

Cheap team for the 29th round

If you have little wealth, these are the Oficina da Net bets for up to C$110:

GOL: Bento (Athletico-PR) C$9.56
LAT: Samuel Xavier (Fluminense) C$10.16
LAT: Matheus Alexandre (Cuiabá) C$7.08
ZAG: Joaquim (Santos) C$8.82
ZAG: Marlon (Fluminense) C$4.78
MEI: Zé Rafael (Palmeiras) C$10.07
MEI: Vitor Bueno (Athletico-PR) C$7.24
MEI: Eric Ramires (RB Bragantino) C$3.72
ATA: Cano (Fluminense) (C) C$13.61
ATA: Soteldo (Santos) C$7.92
ATA: Marcos Leonardo (Santos) C$12.85
TECH: Fernando Diniz (Fluminense) C$13.91

Most selected for Cartola FC from Round 29

So far, these are the most selected players in round 29 at Cartola FC:

*updated on Wednesday (25) at 9:01 am

Games of the 29th round of the Brasileirão

Wednesday, October 25th
7pm – Fluminense x Goiás
7:00 pm – Bragantino x Atlético-MG
7:00 pm – Athletico-PR x América-MG
8:00 pm – Palmeiras x São Paulo
8pm – Cruzeiro x Bahia
9:30 pm – Grêmio x Flamengo
9:30 pm – Cuiabá x Corinthians

Thursday, October 26th
7pm – Vasco x Internacional
9:30 pm – Santos x Coritiba


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