Windows 11 downgrades AMD GPU drivers; see how to solve

2023-05-30 15:01:36

Windows 11 updates are installing old AMD drivers in place of newer versions. The information came through the report of the site WindowsLatestwhere users of Windows 11 PCs are said to have reported issues with specific programs/apps due to downgrading AMD drivers with the “AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition Warning” message appearing.

Windows Update updates come with old AMD drivers

Windows 11 Update Deprecates AMD Driver for Radeon GPUs. Source: Oficina da Net

Some Windows 11 computers are experiencing outdated AMD drivers after OS updates. About two weeks ago, Reddit user “mats3366770” created a topic reporting on the appearance of the following message:

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition Warning

Windows Update may have automatically replaced the AMD Graphics driver. Therefore, the AMD software version you released is not compatible with the currently installed AMD graphics driver.

AMD has confirmed the above issue on its website via publication of the article identified as “PA-300”where Windows Update is said to have installed a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) driver for Radeon GPUs, which is incompatible with the latest version of AMD Software.

Apparently, Microsoft received the driver from manufacturers (of notebooks) and made it available via Windows Update. According to reports, the user may receive an alert when using a driver not supported by AMD Software. The issue occurs because two versions of AMD Software are installed on the system.

How to Solve: Solution to AMD Drivers Issue in Windows 11

According to AMD, by following the steps below, you will prevent Windows 11 updates from installing drivers for Radeon GPS.

Step 01: Through the keyboard shortcut “Windows + S”, launch the search box.

Step 02: Type “Change device installation settings”.

Step 03: Select “No (device may not work as expected).

Step 04: Click “Save Changes”.

You can then reinstall the AMD Software using the latest package available from the AMD website.

Those who prefer to use UWP drivers for their GPUs should uninstall AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition by going to Settings > Applications & Features.

Prevent Windows Update from Overwriting AMD Drivers in Windows 11

If you are on Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise, use Group Policy by following the steps below.

Step 01: Open Group Policy Editor.

Step 02: Go to Settings > Administrative Templates

Step 03: Double-click “Do not include driver with Windows Update” in Group Policy.

Step 04: Activate the policy.

Step 05: Select the “Ok” button.

Step 06: Restart the computer.

If your computer is Windows 11 Home, there is no option to open Group Policy Editor. In this case, use the Windows Registry Editor following the step by step below.

Step 01: Through the keyboard shortcut “Windows + S”, launch the search box and write “Registry Editor”

Step 02: Click “Run as administrator”.

Step 03: Go to the following address in the Registry Editor:


Step 04: Double-click “SearchOrderConfig”.

Step 05: Change the value from 1 to 0.

Step 06: Select the “Ok” button.

Step 07: Restart the computer.

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