“Women’s Volleyball” adjusts practice time before duel Turkia battle “VNL2022”

Thailand women’s national volleyball team“Battle suit “Volleyball Nations League 2022” or “VNL2022” Back to the training camp at the Sports Science Center of Thailand Yesterday, with “Quick coachDanai Sriwatcharamethakul The head coach leads the team.”women’s volleyball” Enter the first day of training program mode. which has adjusted the time Eating, sleeping, and training is like being in Turkey. which is 4 hours slower than Thailand to get used to the real competition in Turkey

by “Thailand women’s national volleyball teamcan pass into battle “Volleyball Nations League 2022” In the last 8 teams for the first time after the Thai girl team finished the round of 16 with 5 wins, 7 losses, collecting 15 points, ranks 8th in the table, successfully grabbing the last quota

In this regard, “women’s volleyball“The last 8 teams that qualify are 1st place USA, 2nd place Brazil, 3rd place Italy, 4th place China, 5th place Japan, 6th place Serbia, 7th place Turkey and 8th place Thailand. are as follows

Brazil (2) vs Japan (5)

USA (1) vs Serbia (6)

Turkey (7) vs. Thai national team (8)

Italy (3) vs China (4)

however Thai girl army will travel to Turkey On Saturday, July 10, in the finals, or the last 8 teams, Thailand will meet host Turkia and the fifth ranked team in the world on Thursday, July 14, at 10:30 p.m. Thai time. If winning will go through to meet. Italian national team or Chinese national team

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