Xbox would have closed its internal physical games division after mass layoffs, says journalist

2024-01-30 14:49:00

Information shared this Tuesday (30) by journalist Jez Corden points to the possibility of Microsoft have closed Xbox’s physical games division. The extinction would have happened after the company announced a wave of employee layoffs, a strategy adopted to readapt the workforce to the current scenario.

The possible end of the physical games sector does not mean that support for these media will be discontinued for the Xbox Series X|S and future generations of the console. The statement made by Corden seems to be coherent considering the existence of rumors that suggest a version of the Xbox Series X without the disc reader, a change that could reduce the final price of the video game.

On his official profile on Digital-only Xbox console… well, you can get an idea of ​​where Microsoft is going here.”

Check out the rumor in full (in English) below:

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