‘Ye’ voted worst album by brilliant artists by Rolling Stone

Released in 2018, Kanye West’s album “Ye” has always divided.

Not sure that he proudly displays this new distinction…

Since the start of his career, Kanye West has collected quite a few awards, including 24 Grammy Awards. However, since the beginning of the year, the few distinctions that Ye receives are not necessarily very honorable. Because after being named Anti-Semite of the Year, his album “Ye” has just been classified this time magazine’s worst brilliant artists album Rolling Stone. And the magazine’s justification is quite clear: this album released in 2018 represents a turning point in Kanye West’s career, but not necessarily in a good way.

“[Cet album ‘Ye’] marked the beginning of the most disastrous artistic and personal collapse in the history of popular music. At just 23 minutes, the chaotic, half-finished album was recorded in Wyoming, just as he told TMZ that slavery was a ‘choice.’ […] Kanye’s 2018 scandals seem almost dated compared to his recent issues, but he’s never made music less energetic than this.”

In this ranking, Kanye West is far ahead of other rappers like Lil Wayneranked 24th with his album “Rebirth” released in 2010, or even Outkast and their project “Idlewild” which can be found in 46th place. For the moment, none of the artists concerned has reacted to this classification.

This distinction is also accompanied by another announcement, that of the upcoming release of a documentary on the Chicago rapper entitled “We Need to Talk About Kanye”. This movie should focus on Ye’s recent escapadesand will soon be released on the BBC.

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