“You will do it immediately.” Put the pomegranate on the fire, the first time you try it, it is more expensive than gold!!

It is known that pomegranate is one of the fruits that help reduce the incidence of many diseases and helps protect the body from exposure to any health problem, if it is consumed moderately and constantly, as it strongly helps to strengthen immunity and enhance it to fight cancer cells, so it is always advised by many Doctors eat pomegranates to maintain public health because it is the most precious thing a person has, and you can eat pomegranate fresh or juice or add it to recipes, foods and salads, and through the following lines we will explain the secret that you have not discovered yet and you can make it through pomegranates.

Pomegranate on fire

By putting the pomegranate on the fire, you will get a wonderful recipe that does not come to mind, by adding some simple ingredients that are found inside every house, which are pomegranate molasses, where you have to grate the pomegranate and put it on the fire by adding a nickname of brown and a quarter cup of lemon juice with stirring until obtaining On a thick mixture, then put it in the refrigerator and use it on different foods.

Benefits of pomegranate molasses

  • You can use pomegranate molasses as a substitute for lemon or orange juice for those who do not like citrus fruits.
  • It can be added to various recipes, foods and salads.
  • We always used it as a seasoning for meat, chicken and all grilled foods.
  • Also, when adding pomegranate seeds to foods, this helps to supply the body with many beneficial nutrients.

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