Young Hispanic Woman Will Study Medicine to Help the Latino Community – NBC Bay Area

The desire to improve has led Alondra Saenz to be the first in her family to go to university.

The young woman, of Mexican parents, was born in San José and already has a university degree.

“I studied biology and also did a minor in education.

Alondra, is the eldest of three brothers and from a very young age she dreamed of being a doctor for a medical condition suffered by one of her brothers.

“I want to be that doctor who helps vulnerable communities, Latino communities, and be able to help them with their health,” Alondra assured.

And thanks to the values ​​her parents instilled in her about education, today Alondra celebrates being accepted to the University of Arizona to study medicine.

Now the young woman concentrates on getting the money to buy her books and pay her tuition, however, this will not stop her from fulfilling her dream.

“There have been obstacles, I never lost faith and now that I am going to enter medical school in a few months, my parents are very proud,” he explained.

Although Alondra still does not know what specialty she will study, she is clear that in 15 years she sees herself giving consultations in a community clinic, speaking Spanish and helping her people.

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