26th International Meeting of Medicinal Plants, Alternative Therapies, and Cultural Diversity at Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University

2023-10-21 00:05:00

The aroma of incense and food can be perceived upon arriving at the artisanal and culinary harvest area in the Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University (UAAAN) of Keepwhere the 26th edition of the International Meeting of Medicinal Plants, Alternative Therapies and Cultural Diversity.

During the Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of Octoberare taught more than 40 different workshopsin addition to conferences, cultural activities, ceremonies, therapies, sale of medicinal plants and cacti, as well as a flea market with a variety of items, ointments and alternative medicine.

Organized by the Center for Alternative Therapies and Health Orientation (Cetaos)During this weekend, Laguneros and foreigners can enjoy an entire meeting of cultures, as members of ethnic groups and indigenous communities who brought part of their roots to be shared with the Lagunera community are invited.

María Isabel Blanco Cervantes, in charge of the organizing committee of the eventhighlighted that it is a feedback exercise, between different knowledge shared by specialists and society in general, which has the opportunity to learn new things.

“At the meeting, topics such as herbalism and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki in the psychological area, we have floral therapy, biomagnetism and other techniques that were used long ago and that are currently being resumed to provide an alternative health benefit,” he shared.

Among other options workshops are offered of temazcal, traditional Chinese medicine, magnet therapy, numerology, therapeutic soaps, obsidian massage, hypnosis, ancestral healing, Nahuatl medicine, encapsulation of medicinal plants, microdoses, among others.

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The organizer highlighted that the meeting has the presence of traditional doctors, that during their stay they will carry out workshops, cleanses, rituals or therapeutic massages within the UAAAN.

As part of the market they participate more than 200 artisanal grape harvest stalls to offer products such as traditional sweets, jewelry, plants, cacti, honey, shampoos, handmade soaps, clothing, jewelry, bags, toys, as well as different alternative medicine options in ointments, capsules or as food.

Likewise, there is a gastronomic space where you can taste a variety of local and foreign dishes.


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