5 billion FCFA to pay for the 2024-2025 back-to-school allowance in Gabon –

Participants in the launching ceremony of the ARS 2024-2025 campaign on March 4 in Libreville © Gabonactu.com

The Director General of the Pension and Family Benefits Fund for State Employees (CPPF), Carl Ngueba Boutoundou, announced Monday March 4, 2024 during the launch ceremony of the 2024-2025 Back-to-School Allowance Campaign school (ARS), that the State has allocated approximately 5 billion FCFA to liquidate the Allowance for the children of active and retired State agents.

“The back-to-school allowance, which represents on average an annual charge of 5 billion francs for a population of 76,0000 children, requires that the resources applied in the process of its payment to the insured, in this case the competent services of the CPPF and the central and provincial directors of human resources meet each year before the launch of its payment operation to set the framework and define a strategy for better coordination of the actions to be carried out.indicated Ngueba Boutoundou.

The Back to School Allowance is a social benefit that the State pays each year, shortly before the start of the school year, to families with children in school whose age varies between 03 and less than 16 years old on the date of payment. Set at 62,500 FCFA per child, the ARS helps finance the purchase of school supplies.

To be eligible for ARS, according to the provisions of law no 007/2017 of August 9, 2017, the beneficiary child must first be registered with the National Health Insurance and Social Guarantee Fund (CNAMGS) and benefit from family benefits. Then, the School Certificate duly signed by the head of the student’s establishment is an essential element constituting the file.

The working session held at the Ministry of the Budget, in which all the central human resources directors of the various ministries and institutions participated, made it possible to instruct them on the operationality of the process to avoid hiccups.

For the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Budget who chaired the work, Ghislain Firmin Lendoye, “we believe that today the DCRHs and the provincial directors of human resources are now equipped to be the good relays of the CPPF to the beneficiaries”.

On March 18, there will be the launch of the same ARS campaign inside the country. May 31 will mark the end of the period for receipt of schooling certificates by the CPPF throughout the country. The timeline indicates that the first ARS payment for active public officials will be made on August 25 and retirees on August 1is september. The 2th Payment will be made the following month on the same dates.

During this session, the Director General of the CPPF did not fail to warn certain administrative officials stationed in the provinces who sell school certificates for money. Administrative and criminal sanctions are provided for.


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