8.1 Billion Penthouse Clara How much is all the jewelry she wore… TEN proud of luxury

'8.1 Billion Penthouse' Clara, how much is all the jewelry she wore...  pride of luxury [TEN★]

Actress Clara authenticated the gift she received from a luxury jewelry brand.

On the 3rd, Clara posted a gorgeously decorated figure in a white dress on her Instagram story.

Clara, wearing a simple white dress, was wearing all accessories, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. The look of her leaning against a blue rose at her brand store catches her eye.

In addition, he shared a photo of him drinking high-quality wine, sharing his booty and leisurely daily life.

Meanwhile, Clara married a Korean-American Samuel Hwang in 2019 and lived in a penthouse of 8.1 billion won. She travels to and from Korea and China, where she is active.

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