A doctor invites men over the age of fifty to leave their shyness and go for a prostate examination to ensure that they do not have cancer • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Yaman Al-Tal revealed a simple examination that can be done for the prostate, to find out whether it is healthy or not. And the doctor indicated, in a video clip he shared on “Tik Tok”, that the prostate is close to the anus, and the outer part of it can be felt with a finger.

He said, “Al-Tal: All men fear prostate examination, and this examination becomes complicated, even though this issue is very important and simple, asking: Why are men afraid of prostate examination?

Al-Tal pointed out: Women go to women’s clinics, and they are examined internally, without hearing a complaint from them, adding: “Are we ashamed of men?”

And the doctor stressed: This examination is important, especially for men over fifty, indicating that this examination is by feeling it with a finger, because the external part of it can be felt externally.

And the doctor said: This examination can save your life, because this outer part has the most areas of prostate cancer.

And the section concluded, I do not care about the size of the finger, but I am interested in doing the examination, to find out whether the prostate is healthy or not.

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