A doctor reveals what happens to your body when you abstain from eating sugar for 10 days

Al-Marsad newspaper: In a video clip posted on social media, a doctor revealed the benefits of leaving white sugar for 10 days.

And the doctor said: “What happens in your body if you leave sugar for 10 days? On the first day, you become frustrated, and on the second and third day, the mind regains its programming again, and on the fourth day, vitality and activity increase and movement increases.”

He continued: “On the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth days, the liver, which is responsible for analyzing sugar, regains its activity, and the intestines work in a healthy manner, the heart beats regular, the body loses 30% of harmful substances, and body fat decreases, especially in the abdominal area.”

And he added: On the tenth day, a person can sleep whenever he wants.

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