A meeting to put aside differences between Jumblatt and Hezbollah

A Lebanese is holding hostages inside a bank to recover his money

While the Lebanese street was preoccupied all day yesterday with the news that a citizen had stormed a bank branch and detained employees and a number of depositors, to demand the return of his money held in the bank, the political circles were interested in the meeting that took place between the head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt and Hajj Hussein al-Khalil, the political assistant to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah. The meeting came after a long period of political rivalry, punctuated by high-profile positions on the part of Jumblatt regarding the party’s weapons and its role in the Syrian war.

After the meeting, the two parties went out, stressing that differences were set aside, and their intention to complete the dialogue in the next stage. Jumblatt said, “We talked about the points that can be addressed with regard to the economy and development, and this is an opportunity, and the dialogue may be completed to reach the minimum level of consensus on self-evident matters of interest to the Lebanese citizen,” noting that “there are points of contention between us that we have put aside.” Al-Khalil said that “political differences do not spoil the friendly issue, and there may be major political headlines around which some disagreement, but this does not mean that the Lebanese do not discuss.”

On the other hand, Bassam Sheikh Hussein managed to recover $30,000 out of his $210,000 deposit, after storming the Federal Bank branch in the Hamra area of ​​Beirut. Sheikh Hussein confirmed that he entered the bank in this way to claim his money, as his father entered the hospital some time ago to undergo an operation without being able to pay its costs.

He held one of the founders of the Association for the Defense of Depositors and economic researcher Nizar Ghanem responsible for what is happening to the political and judicial authority, expecting that we will witness in the next stage similar incidents in the absence of any solutions to return the funds to their owners.
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