A Tale of Love and Resilience: Expat’s Journey in Bahrain

2023-09-12 04:39:42

Manama: He showed his respect and love for the country he has lived in for a long time. Pitch is a book by a former Bahraini expatriate Welsh teacher. Tina Hughes, a longtime teacher at Nadine School, is in her 64th year. Yassil published the book as a dream come true. The book Tales of Tennant was published by the world famous Press. The author is Austin Macaulay. The book, which contains 16 short stories, will be available in paperback and digitally.

Mainly the variety found during his lifetime in Bahrain. A smile that expresses the feelings of people from the sky. The song was critically acclaimed. In 1986, at the age of 26, Tina Hughes arrived in Bahrain. After completing his son’s primary school, Nadine worked at the school. Dressed up. He was a teacher there for 15 years. Later he opened an art studio and learned stained glass techniques and mosaics. Always taught. Tina Hughes returns to UK following divorce Yat. Bahrain is located in Muharraq, Umm al-Hassam and Salihiya. Stayed for a period of Bahrain is featured in the book as a beautiful little island. Th.

I love it so much and then leave it without a second thought. The place where Tina Hughes in a 64-page book with her own watercolors is included. They miss Bahrain very much in an interview. R said. The following book covers Bahrain from the time he first arrived to the present day. They also say that everything has changed. of Tina Hughes is currently working on her second book.

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