“Preventing Tooth Decay: Understanding the Causes and Risks of Dry Mouth”

2023-05-12 06:52:59

Al Marsad Newspaper: Dental therapist, Amanda Sheehan, revealed that there are many reasons why a person suffers from dry mouth.

“Dry mouth is the result of your mouth not producing enough saliva, which can be irritating and increase the risk of tooth decay and infections,” said a dental therapist at TePe Hospital.

“Saliva plays a crucial role in our oral hygiene,” Sheehan explained, adding that it cleans the mouth of bacteria, thus preventing plaque buildup on the teeth.

“With less saliva, teeth become more susceptible to decay, and the soft tissues in your mouth become sensitive and vulnerable to infection,” she added.

The cause of dry mouth may be taking medications or feeling stressed, or having diseases such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases, but she stressed that “dry mouth is very common and is rarely a sign of anything serious.”

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