Understanding the Symptoms and Risks of Diabetes: High and Low Blood Sugar Indicators

2023-09-09 11:00:00

Rania Amer wrote Saturday, September 09, 2023 02:00 PM

The issue of malnutrition practiced by some individuals exposes them to the risk of developing…Diabetes diseasesOf the second type, there are foods that raise blood sugar, and other foodstuffs that lower blood sugar, and in both cases it poses health consequences on people’s lives, and the following indicators will clarify the risk of developing diabetes. This is according to what was published by the British Express website.

There are normal symptoms that indicate the risk of diabetes, including unusually low or high blood sugar as a result of eating certain foods that contribute to this. Unusual symptoms of diabetes include bad breath with a fruity smell, which may indicate high ketone levels. Which leads us to consult a specialist doctor.

In the same context, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that these acids, known as ketones, occur when the body breaks down fats to obtain fuel. If the body does not have enough insulin to break down sugars in the blood, the cells are starving for energy.

Unusual symptoms also included that your mouth is very dry at the same time and you also feel very thirsty, in addition to needing to urinate more than necessary, which is a sign of high blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, people who suffer from low blood sugar experience mood swings, such as feeling angry, aggressive, or confused for no known reason. These may be signs of low blood sugar.

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Among these unusual signs of type 2 diabetes is finding it difficult to make decisions, and some people with low blood sugar may also feel a slight euphoria, which may make you feel like you are a little drunk, along with feeling nervous or tired. .

Changes in blood sugar levels affect your mood, which usually goes away when sugar levels return to normal.

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