A well-known artist undergoes open heart surgery… and this is his health condition!

The artist, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, known as “Tota”, revealed the latest developments in his health after he underwent an open heart operation.

Abdul Rahman said that his health condition is stable and has passed well and is completing the recovery phase in the current period, stressing that he had an open-heart operation due to a bad habit, which is smoking, which he stopped, because a person with smoking kills himself slowly.

And he added that he was feeling pain near his stomach and did not think about doing a full body examination, and by chance the doctor asked him while he was in the hospital, he did an electrocardiogram, then it became clear the presence of the disease, pointing to the reason for his illness is smoking as well as acting, because working in art makes him not sleep Well, even if he slept 3 hours a day, it would be good for him.

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