Accurate Weather Forecast and Updates: Clear Spells, Wind, and Temperature Trends for the Week

2023-10-27 17:45:00

Clear spells will develop from the French border around midday and will spread to the rest of the regions in the afternoon.

There will also be a slight wind which will blow from the south to southwest with peaks of 45-55 km/h.

In terms of temperatures we will have no reason to complain with maximum values ​​between 10 and 14° on the Ardennes relief and 14 to 17° on the plain and at the sea.

The French disturbance will arrive during the evening in the south-western provinces and will leave the country in the second part of the night.

It will be accompanied by a strengthening of the southerly wind with peaks of 50-70 km/h. The night will be very mild with minimums of barely 9 to 14°.

Sundaythis disturbance will be followed by a rapid, very unstable but still very gentle southwesterly flow with temperatures between 11 and 14° over the Ardennes and 14 to 18° elsewhere.

Wind gusts will further increase to reach speeds of 60-80 km/h in all regions.

From the morning we will generally have strong and potentially stormy showers which will often be separated by temporary clearings.

The following night will be less windy and drier with minimums between 8 and 12°.

Mondayas the depression near Ireland will gradually fill, there will initially be less wind but with the passage of a new disturbed area, it risks increasing again in the evening with gusts between 55 and 85 km /h.

The sky will quickly cloud over in the afternoon and it will rain at the end of the day.

Little change or a slight drop is expected in temperatures which will be between 10 and 16°, still 2° above seasonal norms.

Mardithe day should pass under a changing sky with few showers and some clearings under a wind which will have veered more to the west/southwest with peaks of 35-55 km/h and little variation in daytime temperatures .

Wednesday (All Saints’ Day) and Thursday

The current at altitude, still well frozen from west to east, will bring us two new very active disturbances.

The first, preceded by clearings, will cross the country on Wednesday afternoon and the next will arrive on the coast Thursday morning and will have left the east of the country during the evening.

The first will be accompanied by peak southwesterly winds of between 45-65 km/h but the second, which will be associated with a very deep storm depression over the British Isles, will generate gusts between 60-90 km/h.

Developments for the weekend and the weekend of November 4 and 5

The succession of active oceanic disturbances should not stop with still very windy and very rainy conditions in an air where the maximums would return towards seasonal values, that is to say between 7 and 13°.

Probable trend for the week of November 6 to 12

The disturbances will continue with frequent rains, threatening to saturate the soil in certain regions and possibly causing local flooding.

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