After the attack in Concepción: deputy calls the request for a State of Exception “populist” | National

Parliamentarians from the ruling party and the opposition referred to the request for a possible State of Exception for the province of Concepción, after the latest arson attacks. While from the Penquista Chamber of Production and Commerce they called on the authorities to take charge of the problem.

There are several voices and representatives in Parliament who ask to decree a State of Exception in the province of Conceptionthis after the attacks with burning machines in recent weeks.

In the ruling party, Senator Gastón Saavedra (PS) is asking for it. Not only that, but also an exclusive prosecutor to investigate these types of cases.

“I think it is necessary and urgent (…), to extend the State of Constitutional Exception to the province of Concepción”said the parliamentarian.

Thus, it also pointed to “the express request of a prosecutor with exclusive dedication to the investigation of these facts.”

In the opposition, the senator of the UDI, Enrique Van Rysselberghe, also believes that it would be necessary to opt for this measure, however, he believes that it must be evaluated in a justified manner.

“The attacks in recent days are of a serious nature, and the security crisis in the Gran Concepción has become strongly evident. Therefore, I consider it necessary for all the authorities in our region to evaluate -reasonably- the convenience of applying this measure in the province of Concepción”, the legislator specified.

State of Exception for the province of Concepción

Meanwhile, deputy María Candelaria Acevedo (PC) stressed that intelligence work must be improved and thus disrupt the gangs that operate in the province of Concepción.

The parliamentarian acknowledged that there are very serious crimes that occur in our streets, and that for this “it is the Carabineros and PDI who must generate the strategies that allow our neighbors to calm down, and not the presence of the military, whose function is another.” .

Along these lines, he maintained that “requesting the State of Exception in the province of Concepción is simple demagogy, a populist measure that will not solve the underlying problemsincluding organized crime.

Acevedo also said that if this measure is seriously considered, “it should also be applied throughout the country, since unfortunately homicides and gate slams happen in every city in Chile, and not only in Greater Concepción.”

Finally, the deputy asked that patrolling in the towns be improved, since since the beginning of the pandemic there has been an abandonment in peripheral sectors of the different communes of Greater Concepción.

Attack in Concepción

The mayor of Concepción, Álvaro Ortiz, indicated that it is not known whether or not these attacks in recent days are related to those in the so-called Southern Macrozone.

“It is not yet known if this fact is actually related to what is happening in the Macrozone. That is a fact that is being investigated,” said the community chief.

In the business world, the president of the Chamber of Production and Commerce of Concepción, Álvaro Ananías, expressed concern about the lack of rule of law in the regional capital, and demanded measures from the Ministry of the Interior.

“We feel as a union, as CPC Bío Bío, that this is getting out of control. This level of violence and terrorism is already reaching the cities. We demand that the Ministry of the Interior, through its presidential delegate, take the pertinent actions (…)”, said Ananías.

The head of the PDI in the Bío Bío region, Carlos Díaz, commented on the last two attacks that affected machinery on the coastal avenue, and referred to eventual coincidences. “Beyond the pamphlet, there are no other coincidences,” said the police authority.

Everything indicates that authorities should arrive from Santiago within the week to analyze the situation of the latest attacks in the area. It would be the undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who would arrive to make decisions on the matter.

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