After the program ended… Action star Van Dam proposed to a famous artist and left Ramez Jalal in shock… and the biggest surprise in her identity!!

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Actress Tara Emad had fallen victim to the prank of the eighteenth episode of the dumps program, Ramez Movie Star, broadcast on MBC Egypt, and her meeting with action movie star Jean-Claude Van Dam witnessed a funny situation.

During the dialogue of Tara and Van Dam, the presenter of the program, Ramez Jalal, noticed that he was improvising and deviating from the written text, when he told her about his multiple visits to Egypt and his wonderful experience entering the pyramid at night, and Van Dam expressed his admiration for her beauty and the beauty of her hands in particular.

Van Dam continued his speech, saying, “I hope you like flowers, if it was up to me, I would have chosen yellow flowers, not white.” The ring from his pocket, “You are coming to propose to her and propose to her.”

The idea of ​​​​”Ramez Movie Star” this year revolves around persuading the guest or guest to participate in an action movie, and the international star Jean-Claude Van Dam plays the role of the hero who faces with them the attack of the lake residents, and in the case of hosting a sports celebrity, he is lured to participate

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