Al-Kazemi rejects accusations of his aides being involved in the “theft of the century”

He considered the arrest warrants a ploy to cover up the “actual criminals”.

The former Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, responded to the arrest warrants issued by the “Integrity Commission” against a minister in his government and three of his assistants in the context of the “theft of the century” file, considering them “selective” and “malicious” and come as part of “continuous attempts to cover up criminals.” the actual ones.”

And the Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Friday evening, the issuance of arrest and investigation orders against 4 senior officials in the Al-Kazemi government, on charges of facilitating the seizure of tax secretariat amounts, or what has become known as the “theft of the century.” And the four, according to the authority’s statement, are “the Minister of Finance, the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Personal Secretary to the Prime Minister, and the Media Adviser to the Prime Minister in the previous government.” The names that the commission’s statement referred to and did not mention are the former Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, Ahmed Najati, Al-Kazemi’s personal secretary, the director of his office, Judge Raed Jouhi, and his media advisor, Mashreq Abbas.

And a statement issued by Al-Kazemi’s media office said: “It is clear that the aforementioned personalities were accused selectively, away from the course of the investigation. “It constitutes further evidence of the existence of clear political motives behind, supporting and promoting this measure.” He added, “This intrigue and accusation reveals the continuous attempts to cover up the actual criminals, escape forward and target political opponents.” He continued, “What happened is nothing but a media and political presentation, and an attempt to shuffle the cards to cover up the real thieves, instead of seriously seeking justice and revealing the truth, which is a basic assignment for every decision-maker responsible before God and before the people.”

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