“Al-Marsad” reveals the identity of the terrorist who threatened to target the Kingdom’s embassy in Beirut and his hiding place in Lebanon

Al-Marsad newspaper: Information obtained by Al-Marsad revealed the identity of the person who threatened to carry out a terrorist act against the employees of the Saudi embassy in Lebanon and killed them all.

The information stated that this person is the Saudi Ali Hashem, who is involved in terrorism-related cases and is close to the terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah and lives in the southern suburbs of Lebanon under the protection of the party.

While a number of Lebanese demanded the arrest of the fugitive Saudi and his extradition to the Kingdom immediately. Noting that he is close to Hezbollah and resides in areas controlled by the party.

The Lebanese political analyst, Nidal Al-Sabaa, said that the fugitive Ali Hashem is accused of financing terrorism and being involved in terrorist operations since 2017.

It is noteworthy that the fugitive Ali Hashem asked several years ago to seek asylum in America, but the competent American authorities did not agree to his request.

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