Melissa Pamuk lives a new love story and reveals the identity of her lover

The Turkish newspaper “Taqweem” revealed a new love affair between Turkish actress Melissa Pamuk and basketball player Maher Agfa, who plays for the “Galatasaray” club. The newspaper said that Melissa Pamuk, who had separated from her lover, artist Mustafa Mert Koch nearly a year ago, specifically in February 2022, is currently living a new love … Read more

The singer of Baodao inherits the “amazing legacy” and the collection at home is exposed… the appraiser also looks stupid: it is worth 1 house | Entertainment | CTWANT

The late singer Huang Qiutian. (Picture / newspaper information photo) The late singer Huang Qiutian used to be popular all over Taiwan with his song “Song of Encouraging the World”. In addition, he played the yueqin very well. In addition, his looks are very popular with the audience, and he became the dream lover of … Read more

Masked gunmen robbed a post office in Egypt and stole one million and 400 thousand pounds…and a surprise regarding the identity of the mastermind of the operation (video)

Al-Marsad Newspaper: 3 masked men stormed the post office of the new city of Damietta, Egypt, at six in the evening, Thursday, and detained by force of arms 3 employees who were finishing their work before the end of work hours, so they tied them with ropes and assaulted them, then they seized 1.4 million … Read more

The killing of the Iraqi blogger “Tayba Al-Ali” by suffocation…and a surprise regarding the identity of the perpetrator and what he did after committing the crime

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Iraqi blogger (blogger) “Tiba al-Ali” was killed by her father, who strangled her. Iraqi media reported that the victim had recently returned from Turkey to her country, and her father strangled her until she died, then turned himself in to the security authorities. It was reported that the information received indicates that … Read more

The identity of Habib Nancy Ajram in the clip “I want someone to love” has been revealed to the public

In the past few hours, the Lebanese singer Nancy Aram released the clip of her song “I Want a Love”, directed by Samir Syriani, on the occasion of the approaching Valentine’s Day. As for the hero of Nancy Ajram’s clip, who embodied the role of her lover, he caught everyone’s attention, as it was later … Read more

Actress “Fouz” settles the controversy and reveals the identity of the woman who appeared with Al-Sadhan • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The actress, “Fouz Al-Abdullah”, settled the controversy over the identity of the woman who appeared with the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan at the Joy Awards. And “Al-Abdullah” said, which she published on her account with the “Tik Tok” application: “Many people sat fatwas from their heads, so I wanted to clarify, so that there … Read more