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“Am I going crazy?”: the hard moment that Cecilia Bolocco lived and that triggered a radical change

by archyde

“Tell them what you’ve become,” his son, Máximo Menem, suddenly launched at Cecilia Bolocco.

—Yes, I have to tell you that I have made a radical change in my life —said the ex-live monday (Channel 13) about his new way of eating in his recent Instagram broadcast.

After having been infected with coronavirus and a series of discomforts that she has faced in recent months, she decided to make her way towards veganism.

Now, a few days ago, with the pandemic virus “I went half crazy”, perhaps because of the fever it gave her, “I felt anguish, it was all very dramatic,” she said. “I thought that my life was worth nothing, that I had done everything wrong, that I had not taken care of myself, how could it be that I felt so bad.”

What’s more, it got to the point where “I thought I had little time left to live, just dramatic things,” he revealed. “It kind of affected my head” to the point where she was like, “My God, am I going crazy?”

The change

So, after the illness, “big decisions in my life” came. He spoke with the medical director of his foundation and asked him, “please, I need your help, because I need to check everything, I am very ill in all aspects.”

It started with the tests and the professional “convinced me that I had to become a vegan,” he said. “Since then I have not eaten meat, nothing animal, no eggs, no milk”, simply “nothing”. She even stayed away from gluten. She even ended up with the occasional cigarettes that she smoked with her partner, Pepo Daire.

“I have changed radically, but do you know why?…”, he explained. “I want to feel healthy, because I put a lot of effort into it every day”; in fact, she remarked, “health is the most important thing”, that’s why she decided that ‘no more postponements and I’m going to take care of this’.

“I’m eating super delicious and I’m feeling better,” he concluded. “When we cook I will make them vegan things, which one thinks are boring and late, but they are very tasty.”

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