Athiria – Conjure The Beast – Album Review

2023-11-08 18:19:12

Athiria – Conjure The Beast
Label: Kvlt and Kaos Productions
Death Metal

The actually not so new death metal band The effect has woken up from its slumber eight years after its last release and is getting ready to join in Conjure The Beast to unleash their new long player on the masses. With a new line up and a new label behind them, but with tried and tested, honest Death Metal, nothing can go wrong.

From 0 to 100 straight away with the opener

And the opener Decaythat you have HERE Listening to it, it seems as if the band never left. Brutal drums paired with cutting guitars and garnished with powerful vocals create a program from the very first second that makes the listener feel inclined to destroy the entire set-up. Also the title track Conjure The Beast is in no way inferior to that. What should be particularly praised is how the band manages to incorporate a thoroughly melodic note without losing even a trace of oomph. Forces Of Evil Although it takes its foot off the accelerator a bit, it still passes for extremely sporty in most areas.

Brutal and yet somehow melodic

Next is with Redeemer a track on the agenda that further illustrates that the band manages to practice truly varied songwriting without shaking the fundamental pillars of the band’s concept. As with the previous songs, you get impeccable Death Metal here, although the slightly groovy note of the title makes for a welcome change. Retribution, that in advance HERE was released, is overall a bit straighter and more straightforward, while The Dissension sometimes slows down a bit in favor of headbangable passages.

Full throttle until the bitter end

And even as the album progresses, there is never a dull moment. Devastation switches fluently back and forth between groovy and straight blast beat passages Cognizancethat you HERE can listen to delivers one more catchy riff after another. Join in the graduation Determination the longest piece on the album with a running time of almost six minutes and here too, any acoustic passages are omitted, but continue to hit the twelve from the first to the last second.

The effect are playing after what feels like an eternal break Conjure The Beast as if they had never left. At every moment the band plays exactly the program you would expect from a proper death metal band. It’s definitely worth listening to several times and given the quality of this album, you can only hope that a possible successor won’t be so long in coming this time. 9 / 10

Line Up
Andy – Gesang
Letsch – guitar
Andi – guitar
Ossi – Bass

01. Decay
02. Conjure The Beast
03. Forces Of Evil
04. Redeemer
05. Retribution
06. The Dissension
07. Devastation
08. Cognizance
09. Reflection
10. Determination

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