between 3 and 5 billion FCFA to organize the national dialogue –

Gabon has planned a budget ranging from 3 to 5 billion FCFA to organize the inclusive national dialogue expected next April as a crucial step in the transition underway in the country since August 30.

The announcement was made on Radio France Internationale (RFI) by the Gabonese Minister of Institutional Reform, Murielle Minkoué Mintsa.

“Any consultation of this nature has a cost. We will also ensure that it is not exorbitant because we also have other priorities, particularly infrastructural ones,” explained the minister, adding that the meeting could last a month and will bring together Gabonese people from within the country as well. than the diaspora.

During this meeting, the Gabonese people will discuss the reforms of all the country’s institutions inherited from the Bongo family regime which ruled the country unchallenged for more than half a century between 1967 and 2023.

The meeting will also lay the foundations for a new constitution which will be adopted by referendum.

During this dialogue, a new electoral division will be proposed to determine the number of deputies and senators who will sit in the two chambers of parliament (National Assembly and Senate). The electoral law will also be revised.

According to a timeline published by the military in power, the current transition will end in August 2025 with free, transparent and credible elections.

The transition began on August 30, 2023 following the military coup which ended the regime of Ali Bongo Ondimba. It is led by General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguéma, former boss of the Republican Guard.

Antoine Relaxe and Xinhua

2024-02-22 22:27:39
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