Beware of Oblades: Increasing Fish Attacks in Benidorm as Temperatures Soar

2023-09-05 09:50:59

Like every summer, millions of tourists – and not just Britons – have traveled to Benidorm over the past three months. Where do they still go, moreover, because the temperatures there are always summery.

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And these temperatures, which are still and always around 30 degrees, have a consequence that is surprising to say the least. According to the daily Información, the rise in sea temperature has an impact on the metabolism of… oblades, these fish that are commonly found along the Mediterranean coasts and the Atlantic coast. With the consequences of making them… more aggressive, because they are hungrier.

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Therefore, the oblades prey on bathers. These fish are closer to land and do not fear human presence. On the contrary, the oblade is very interested in moles, warts or small human wounds. The bites are therefore more and more numerous. According to the Spanish daily, the local authorities also recommend that tourists not dive with jewellery, which could attract the Oblates.

According to the local newspaper, the attacks are more numerous than ever and more than 15 people are injured per day. Luckily minor injuries.

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