Carlos Alcaraz’s Unexpected Defeat to Tommy Paul in ATP Masters 1000 Toronto 2023 Quarterfinals

2023-08-12 01:36:18

Carlos Alcaraz suffered an unexpected and painful defeat in the quarterfinals of the ATP Masters 1000 Toronto 2023, giving in to a great Tommy Paul in an unfortunate match for his interests. Lack of confidence and bad feelings from Murcia, who fought until the end, but could not impose favoritism on him, falling 6-3 4-6 6-3.

Nothing can ever be taken for granted in the world of sport, where the magic lies in the proliferation of surprises and the ability for everything to change in an instant. Carlos Alcaraz appeared in these quarterfinals of the ATP Masters 1000 Toronto 2023 with conflicting sensations, dragging a notable insecurity in his game supplemented with his ability to overcome extreme situations. He was clear from the start that Tommy Paul He was going to make things difficult for him, having a very uncomfortable style for the Murcian, as was manifested last year in Canada. There were constant alternatives and everything was resolved by small details, in one of those matches that can be important for the competitive dynamics of both competitors.

Since the start of primer set It could be verified that Alcaraz’s sensations were far from ideal. Low first serve percentage, unforced errors that are difficult to understand with his drive and a slowness of foot and lack of mind that seemed incompatible with the possibility of beating a tremendously inspired player like the American. And it is that Paul burned the ball with his drive, launching himself into the attack at every minimal opportunity he had and playing well above the bottom line. This took time away from Carltios, who did not have the necessary timing to play with ease. He reached a second break, and although he seemed to rejoin the set with a 3-5 and 40-15 for him, he made childish mistakes and gave up.

Alcaraz made countless mistakes with his drive and did not take advantage of his reaction in the second set

Things had to change a lot and with relative urgency in the second sleeve The Murcian wanted to have options, but the start was devastating. Alcaraz was screaming on the track when he saw how his right hand was still completely absent and the errors accumulated irremediably. Shouts of constant pessimism, and even throwing his racket in bad ways, seasoned a start to the set in which the Spaniard saved a breaking ball that could have meant his almost final end. With 3-2 against, he found that longed-for turning point with which to impose fear on the opponent and come out of it reinforced. It was an astronomical point that allowed him to chain an impressive run and put the score at 5-3, not without suffering to keep his serve. He ended up closing it with solvency and leading the duel to the final set.

Although it is true that the most difficult thing seemed done, tennis did not finish presenting itself in its maximum splendor in the Murcian racket during the third partial. Tommy re-engaged in the match, returned to order himself tactically and gave away much less, increasing the speed and accuracy of his shots. The Spaniard once again offered unequivocal signs of mistrust and this resulted in a lethal break for his interests, which led him to be 2-5 down on the scoreboard. He tried to overcome the situation, but was unable to maintain consistency in important moments and suffered a heavy defeat against a great Tommy Paul, who is still alive in ATP Masters 1000 Toronto 2023 after giving the great bell of the tournament.

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