Chen Kailin’s low-cut and sun-dried belly looks like she is 7 months pregnant and dances coquettishly. Netizens advise: Don’t jump pls

Chen Kailin (Grace) has had her third child in four years, and recently announced Tuo’s third child, but did not disclose the sex of BB. Chen Kailin uploaded a new video on IG yesterday that seemed to reveal a mystery. Chen Kailin deliberately chose some BB shirts with neutral colors, including white, lavender, and light blue, and a pair of red and black checked shorts for Christmas, but the colors are all more feminine. Netizens commented one after another: “Little princess”, “Baby girl?”, “The shirt looks like it’s for a girl”.

Chen Kailin is very agile. (IG@ghlchan)
Shangwei has raised a lot of cups, and netizens estimate that she is 5 to 7 months pregnant. (IG@ghlchan)

In the film, Chen Kailin is clearly pregnant. Netizens estimate that she is 5 months or even 7 months pregnant, but she is still blessed with a pointed face and slender hands and feet. She wears a purple Deep V halter dress to show off her Cup top. She left a message saying that she likes to choose comfortable knitwear for children to wear. She also likes to dress up casually. At the same time, she also likes to dress up and proudly show off her plump figure! Chen Kailin is very agile. She dances in front of the camera, twists her waist and grovels, and jumps up to change clothes. Netizens kindly remind her: “Don’t jump pls”, “Don’t jump too much “!

I had a great time dancing. (IG@ghlchan)
I had a great time dancing. (IG@ghlchan)
Because I want to change clothes, I jumped up. (IG@ghlchan)
The BB shirts are more gender-neutral, but netizens think they are female. (IG@ghlchan)
What a nice girl. (IG@ghlchan)

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