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Avenue of Memory

Józef Ostrowski

zm. 03-10-2023


The last farewell. Farewell to the late. priest Prelate Dr. Roman Kneblewski. “He loved his homeland”

“His life was filled with love for God and the Church. When he spoke and when he was silent. He loved his homeland,” he said at the beginning of the funeral ceremony. priest Prelate Dr. Roman Adam Kneblewski, Bishop of Włocławek Krzysztof Wętkowski, course colleague of the priest who died on March 26.

all Internet user’s voice Election posters are being removed. “It’s a shame to leave such crap”

An Internet user contacted our editorial office and is outraged at how election banners are being removed. According to the man, there are elements holding the posters scattered on the sidewalks and lawns. An Internet user calls for them to be cleaned up.

all Announcements and messages Check when and where there will be no electricity. Planned shutdowns

Planned power outages in the Nakło district according to information available on the website

all Business Applications to the small ZUS. The deadline is tomorrow

There is little time left to report to the small ZUS plus. # The deadline is January 31. By this date, you must deregister from insurance with the current insurance title code and register with the code appropriate for the small ZUS plus: 05 90 or 05 92.

all We help “We have been saving for this house for years.” Help has started for the injured family

A fundraiser has started for a family from #Łochów who lost their house in a fire a few days ago.

all Worth knowing Thursday’s action. You will be able to donate blood voluntarily

Despite medical progress, it has not yet been possible to create a substance that would fully replace human blood. On Thursday (April 18), a special ambulance of the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center in Bydgoszcz, where you can donate blood, will stand at Teatralny Square in front of the Marshal’s Office in Toruń. We repeat the campaign every third Thursday of the month.

all Partner Materials Checklist of tasks at work – why is it worth it?

Nowadays, professional duties require great flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to changing situations. Appropriate time and task management is therefore crucial to achieving success. One of the tools that helps in organizing work is a task list, also known as a checklist. Why is it worth using task checklists at work and how to conduct them? Let’s find out.

all Health Worker’s Day Wishes. We send you our best wishes

Today we celebrate World #Health and Health Worker Day. This is the perfect time to thank all the people who help the sick every day.

all Competitions District Review of Speech Therapy Poems. Diplomas were presented

On April 11, 2024, the District Review of Speech Therapy Poems “I know poems by heart, my mother’s speech is becoming more and more beautiful” was held at the Nakło Cultural Center # in Nakło nad Notecią.

all Culture / Entertainment The ninth season has come to an end. The anniversary celebration will soon be with a bang

On Saturday afternoon, the walruses of #Krajeński “Przerębel” entered the water for the last time, ending the 9th walrus season of 2023/24.

all Cook with us How to cook in spring to lose weight healthily? Lose excess weight

In spring, the stalls are filled with young, crisp vegetables and aromatic, juicy green herbs. Tired of the winter weather and a bit bored with the monotony of winter cuisine, we want to greedily eat all the available novelties. At the same time, we often have a few extra kilos to lose. Their excess may result, on the one hand, from an improper diet, but also – as research shows – from a lack of sufficient sunlight. Fortunately, in spring we have more and more of it, and thanks to young vegetables we have a chance to maintain a low-calorie diet with virtually no effort.

all Agriculture Applications are received. Financial assistance for rural women’s groups

Until September 30, rural women’s groups can apply to the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture for financial assistance for the implementation of their statutory tasks.


Dandelion is a valuable plant known for its many health-promoting properties. Now is the best time to pick flowers. You can make honey or syrup from them, which will be useful in winter when you catch a cold. The recipe is simple and cheap. All it takes is a little patience.

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This is already half of the training of the newly incorporated # Territorias in the 82nd light infantry battalion from Inowrocław. This is a very intensive element of basic training for soldiers, which will end with taking a ceremonial military oath on April 20 this year.

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For several days now, favorable weather conditions have made it possible to conduct #aviation classes at JRS Kowalewko.

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We started yesterday’s hike in #Bydgoszcz, from where we, a group of fifteen people, walked along the Bydgoszcz Canal.

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