Cora Schumacher Set to Make Record Fee in Upcoming RTL Jungle Camp

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SHE should collect a record fee. ©Instagram/coraschumacher; RTL; Canva

TV star Cora Schumacher will be one of the participants in the next RTL jungle camp.

“I’m on a journey to myself,” the broadcaster quoted the 46-year-old as saying on Tuesday. She is “just really looking forward to getting to know myself again.” Viewers could now accompany them on their path to themselves. Cora Schumacher is the ex-wife of Ralf Schumacher (48), the former Formula 1 driver. The couple divorced in 2015.

Record fee for Cora

Cora Schumacher is also expected to receive one of the highest salaries in the show’s history. Your participation in the popular reality show will be rewarded with a fee that, according to information from BILD, is one of the highest in the show’s history.

For comparison: Claudia Effenberg received a fee of around 500,000 euros this year, the show’s previous record amount. Lucas Cordalis, another camp participant, is said to have received around 150,000 euros. This sum also corresponds to the fee that Brigitte Nielsen received for her participation in 2012. At the time, Nielsen was considered the most expensive candidate in the history of the jungle camp.

Heinz Hoenig is also there

The station had previously introduced actor Heinz Hoenig as the first candidate. “It’s a challenge and I’m keen on it,” explained the 72-year-old. For Hoenig, who starred in films such as “Das Boot” (1981), the prospect of taking part in the RTL program “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” changed over time: “Jungle camp used to be about the end, that’s how it was among us,” said the actor. “But that hasn’t just gone away, it’s actually turned into the opposite,” he says.

The 17th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” starts in January on RTL and is moderated by Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen.

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