Corona vaccination patch: Eleven times more effective than an injection?

They are said to be more effective against new corona variants than conventional vaccinations: vaccination patches. Australian researchers have now found that.

The corona pandemic is still a major issue worldwide. Scientists continue to look for methods to contain the pandemic. For example, recently antibodies detected, which should work against all corona variants. It is also being discussed whether and for whom a fourth vaccination against the virus makes sense. Australian researchers, on the other hand, are working on a vaccine patch that is also intended to protect against severe courses against the omicron variant.

Vaccination patches: Study results on the fight against corona

Scientists from the University of Queensland have published study results on a vaccination method using a patch. This is attached to the skin and can penetrate the skin layers that are rich in immune cells. The patch is therefore more effective against new corona variants than conventional vaccines, according to Christopher McMillan from the University of Queensland.

“We found that vaccination via a patch was about 11 times more effective in combating the omicron variant than the same vaccine administered via a needle,” said the researcher in the science journal Sciencedaily. To date, every vaccine tested through the patch has produced superior immune responses compared to traditional needle vaccination methods.

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Vaccination patches are said to be more effective against new corona variants

dr David Muller from the University of Queensland goes loud Sciencedaily assume that the currently available vaccines may not be as effective because of the constantly emerging new corona variants. “This reduced potency was highlighted by the omicron variant, which contains over 30 mutations in the spike protein,” said Muller. Due to the large number of mutations, the virus has the ability to evade the immune responses generated by current vaccines.

This is different with the patch method. The patches are not only more effective against newly emerging variants, they are also easier to administer. Manufacturing capacities are now to be expanded and product development accelerated in preparation for large-scale studies. However, the scientists also emphasize that the current vaccinations are still an effective means of combating the pandemic.

5. Corona vaccination – yes or no?

With the number of infections falling, the question is currently whether or for whom a 5th corona vaccination makes sense at all. The advice from politicians, authorities and the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) differ. Stiko, which is responsible for vaccination recommendations in Germany, only recommends a further, i.e. a total of fifth, vaccination against the virus after the second vaccination booster for people who are particularly at risk – for example the very old or people with immunodeficiency.

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