COVID-19 / National Taiwan University Hospital has added a green channel for “quick screening of positive positivity over 65 years old”!Hospital: Implemented from 5/23 – Heho Health

The local epidemic is severe. At present, people over the age of 65 in China can be diagnosed if they meet the conditions for quick screening. The National Taiwan University Hospital said today (21st) that from 5/23, it will open a green dedicated outpatient clinic for people over 65 years old who are positive for household quick screening. Antiviral drugs can be prescribed after a doctor’s diagnosis. Registration is available from Monday to Friday. Online appointments and on-site registration are accepted. Patients can choose to see a doctor on-site or by means of communication.

Respect for the Aged Disease Clinic

Please register for “on-site consultation”Department of Internal Medicine 85 ClinicsProvide your own (or agent) health insurance card and quick screening results to see a doctor (no further screening is required), evaluate and receive antiviral drugs. For the instructions on oral antiviral drugs for COVID-19, please refer to Instructions for taking medicines . People over the age of 65 who are positive at home rapid screening or their agents who come to the hospital should pay attention to the following:

  1. Be sure to pack the home quick screener used by people over 65 years old in a sealed package and bring it to the outpatient department of our hospital.
  2. Please bring your health insurance card. (For first-time patients, please hold an ID card or household register, and fill in the basic information after registration.fill in the link )
  3. Asymptomatic and no quick test positive, please do not go to this clinic for medical treatment
  4. Please fill in the phone number to facilitate text message contact.

Communication clinic

National Taiwan University Hospital said, please register for video consultationDepartment of Internal Medicine 89 Clinics68 Clinics of the Family Medicine Departmentprovide people over 65 years old who are over 65 years old with a positive home quick test to evaluate and prescribe antiviral drugs, register online, and see a doctor according to the regulations by video; description, please refer to Instructions for taking medicines

Another National Taiwan University Hospital reminds that the hospital uses the webex software for consultation. Please download it in advance. After the online registration, you will receive a video link to the mobile phone SMS notification. The actual video website will be notified before the consultation. Please be sure to leave the correct mobile number. Outpatient operation instructions can be clicked here (Communication diagnosis and treatment outpatient operation instructions), in addition, in order to speed up the drug collection process, it is recommended that you pay by credit card before arriving at the hospital (Operation Instructions for Credit Card Payment for Medical Expenses)。

Photo/Provided by National Taiwan University Hospital
Photo/Provided by National Taiwan University Hospital

Text and photos / Li Zhihan

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