“Doctor Thira” reveals that the coronavirus infection can spread through the air 1,000 times more than touch it on the surface.

Long COVID research update…

NEJM Journal Watch, May 4, 2022, a review of research on the effect ofCOVID-19 infection affects the brain

Summary of important research from the UK They compared the results of brain examinations with MRI and two cognitive tests in the group with history.infected with COVID-19 During the 18-month follow-up period, 401 were and 384 were uninfected. Only 4% of the infected were hospitalized.

The results of the study indicated that even if infected with a slight illness will result in many changes in the brain Decreased brain size, thinner gray matter in the orbitofrontal cortex and parahippocampal gyrus, and decreased cognitive and memory performance.

How long will these brain changes last? will be involved withLong COVID or not? And will it lead to dementia in the future? There are still three important questions that need research to prove it.

A study from the United States assessed the risk of transmission of infection in buildings, in buses and on campus areas.

In short,

…the risk of infection by spreading the COVID-19 virus Through aerosol transmission, the air is 1000 times more than the infection caused by the virus that settles on surfaces (surfaces)…

This is knowledge that shows us the importance of “Wearing a mask” during various activities in daily life

Doctor Thira reveals that coronavirus can spread through the air 1,000 times more than touch it on surfaces.

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