“Effective Ways to Lose Weight: Tips and Advice from Health Experts”

2023-04-24 14:02:56

Health and fitness experts say that the ideal amount of weight that any adult trying to get rid of obesity should lose in a short period ranges between half a kilogram and one kilogram per week, which means reducing the amount of calories he eats by about 500 calories per day.
The British newspaper “The Telegraph” quoted experts as saying that this goal can be achieved by making minor adjustments to dietary habits.
Experts mentioned 5 effective ways to lose weight in a short period, which are:

* Try the “short” fast:
If you feel that you are not able to follow intermittent fasting, consider trying a “short” fast, by delaying eating breakfast for a few hours, for example until ten in the morning, and not eating after eight in the evening. In this case, you will fast overnight for a full 14 hours.
A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that overweight participants who adhered to this short fast experienced a 3 percent decrease in body weight and a 4 percent decrease in visceral abdominal fat, due to a net reduction in caloric intake of 8.6 percent.
Experts pointed out that with any form of time-restricted eating, people should make sure that the last meal of the day is well-balanced and satiating, to counteract late-night food cravings.
For example, try filling half of your plate with colorful vegetables, a small portion of protein (fish, meat, eggs, chicken), plus an equal amount of complex carbohydrates (whole-grain pasta, rice, beans, potatoes, or other starchy vegetables). ).

Gradually reduce your portion of food.
Experts say that the human stomach can get used to receiving a certain amount of food. Therefore, if a person reduces this amount slowly and gradually, he will feel satisfied when eating small amounts of food, and thus he will lose a large amount of calories per day.

Cut calories from your food:
There is no need to count calories to lose weight, but “cutting out” may be more effective.
The experts gave an example of cutting calories from food, by giving up mayonnaise in the salad; As each tablespoon contains 90 calories, and replacing it with Greek yogurt contains only 8 calories.
They also indicated that removing the skin from chicken breasts avoids people adding about 100 calories to their weight.
Experts also advised giving up the bread for a couple of oatmeal cookies.

* Focus on foods rich in nutrients:
One of the simple and effective ways to get rid of hunger pangs is to focus on “nutrient-dense” foods, many of which people can eat without gaining weight, according to experts.
The most important of these foods are leafy green vegetables and plants, such as broccoli and cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, fruits such as berries, grapes and melons, nuts, avocados, olive oil and oily fish.

Eat protein in the morning:
A number of studies have shown that a breakfast containing about 20 grams of protein can help with weight loss.
Nutrition experts said that eating a good amount of protein in the morning activates hormones that suppress appetite and reduces cravings for food later in the day.

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