“Evacuation Mission: Updates and Preparations to Safely Bring Indians Home from Conflict-Hit Sudan”

2023-04-23 14:14:38

New Delhi: Preparations have started to evacuate Indians from Sudan. Two C-130 aircraft of the Air Force are standing ready in Jeddah. The Ministry of External Affairs announced that the Navy ship INS Sumedha has arrived in Port Sudan.

“All efforts are being made to evacuate Indians safely from Sudhan. The rescue mission will assess the security situation in Sudan. Sudan’s airspace is not open to foreign flights. Moving by road has many challenges and is not safe. The embassy is in contact with the Indians,” the Ministry of External Affairs said. The Ministry of External Affairs has also warned that no one should move rashly.

The US had earlier said that embassy officials and citizens had been airlifted. A convoy carrying French citizens and embassy officials was reportedly attacked. All Russian citizens in the country were brought to the embassy. It was not decided how to get them out. Sweden has decided to send 400 troops to Sudan for the evacuation mission. Meanwhile, internet service in Sudan has been almost completely cut off.

Saudi Arabia had informed that some people including Indians were rescued from Sudan on Saturday. 157 people were brought from Sudan to Jeddah. 91 of them are Saudi nationals. The remaining 66 people are from 12 countries including India.

English Summary: Two C-130J aircraft, INS Sumedha on standby to evacuate citizens in conflict-hit Sudan: MEA

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