Fake Windows 10 updates encrypt your entire computer…

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Books – Muhammad Badawi:

A report published by BleepingComputer warned of the spread of a wave of fake updates for the Windows 10 operating system. The report said that scammers deceive Microsoft users to install their fake updates on their devices, and once the installation process is completed, all the contents of the entire device are encrypted from files by a ransom virus.

The report indicated that fake Windows 10 updates are widely spread on a number of unknown news sites, which promote those updates to convince their visitors to download them.

The report indicated that the ransomware is of the Magniber type, which automatically encrypts user data once the fake update is installed, at which point the user loses control and can never open any file on his computer.

Experts explained that the vast majority of fake updates bear names such as: Win10.0_System_Upgrade_Software.msi and Security_Upgrade_Software_Win10.0.msi, so that users are wary of installing files with those or similar names.

A report published by CNET has previously warned of the widespread spread of fake updates for Windows 10 since 2019, so it is better not to install updates on Windows manually, but rather to rely on periodic updates provided by Microsoft to users’ devices directly.

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