Fighting Diabetes Fear: Strategies to Overcome Doctor Anxiety

2023-09-27 07:33:00
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Anyone who ignores their diabetes out of fear of going to the doctor faces long-term consequences. For example, small and large vessels and nerves can be damaged. According to Professor Bernhard Kulzer, “a bit of repression” is part of life – but this is not a good strategy for a chronic illness, according to the psychological psychotherapist from the German Diabetes Society. In the pharmacy magazine “Diabetes Guide” he explains what you can do to combat your fear of the doctor.

View medical examinations positively

An important measure against fear of going to the doctor: take off your own blinders. Because the reason for not wanting to know exactly is often uncertainty. This makes it easier for some people to ignore their diabetes – at least at first. You can view a medical examination positively, says Susanne Reger-Tan, senior physician at the Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolism at the University Hospital Essen: “Today we have so many options and measures to treat diabetes and the occurrence of long-term diabetes effects to prevent.”

Anyone who is afraid to go to consultations should ask themselves: What exactly is it that is holding me back or perhaps overwhelming me? Is it the doctor reprimanding me? The diabetes itself? Or is it the therapeutic measures, for example injections? Expert Reger-Tan recommends talking to your doctor about it. In this way, the fear can be better overcome individually: “If someone has a specific fate in mind, we can take this into account and actively influence the course of diabetes positively with good therapy.”

Those who are informed deal better with illness

According to experts, those who are informed about their illness can deal with it better. “Because not knowing means not being able to act,” says diabetologist Reger-Tan. If you are instead informed in practice, through literature or through training on how diabetes medications work or what to do if you have low blood sugar, you can avoid complications in the future. “In addition, through training, patients better understand why regular visits to the doctor are necessary and important,” adds psychotherapist Bernhard Kulzer.

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