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2023-10-23 03:34:34

One of the most prominent figures in the entertainment sphere is Andrea Serna, presenter, model and announcer who has managed to shine in various productions such as ‘El Factor X’, ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’ and ‘Desafío The Box’. Which has allowed her to continue making herself known through her social networks where she does not go unnoticed and even more so now in a new version of the famous reality show ‘Desafío’ in the company of a famous brand, the presenter who turned out to be ‘taking her away’ was announced. the place for Caracol’s star in the Desafío.

And a few days ago Caracol announced a round of chapters of this famous production called ‘Reto 3x by Desafío’. The best ex-participants of the various seasons being those chosen to measure themselves and give their best in the arena, among which stand out, such as ‘Rapelo’, ‘Madrid’, Camila, ‘Valkyria’, ‘Gago’ and during the first chapter were in the city of boxes.

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However, for those who were excited to see the presenter, they were in for a surprise, because in her place is an artificial intelligence called ‘Titania’. Which welcomed the contestants, generating diverse opinions not only among the users but also in the contestants themselves, reiterating: “You will face extreme challenges that will test your skills, you are the first 10 former challengers chosen for your unique abilities.”

And this is not the first program that uses artificial intelligence to carry out the role of presenter, since a few months ago Juan Diego Alvira with his new program ‘Sin cart’, was seen accompanied by ‘LIA’, ( artificial intelligence).

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The truth is that the excitement on the part of the former participants has not been long in coming and week after week the new episodes would be released. Likewise, Andrea has not hesitated to react in the various images shared where the displays of affection for several contestants were more evident. For now, the exact date on which the new season of the challenge will take place is unknown.

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